Monday, August 13, 2012

You Said What?

One of the advice that we value the most as Parents are that of our physicians.   There are times though that we get confusing messages from them especially when it comes to the topic of breastfeeding.  In my two-year breastfeeding stint, below are some of the comments that I have received.

"You're still breastfeeding.   You didn't tell me you are breastfeeding.  Now what medicine do I have to give you?"

Uhm....seriously? I'm the patient and you're asking me which medicine should I take? I walked away from y the clinic disappointed and he ended up giving me Difflam -- for a cough!

"You're breastfeeding? How old is your baby?" I said two years.  "Ahhhh two years.  You should stop so you could take the medicine.  Otherwise I can only give you nothing but paracetamol."

Paracetamol is not the only medicine that's safe for breastfeeding moms - that's for sure.  I may not memorize it but I know there are a lot more.

Oh you're still breastfeeding?! That's great! But you have to stop when your toddler turns two.  Extended breastfeeding will have a psychological effect on your baby. 

There was no study proving that extended breastfeeding will have a negative effect on the toddler.

I'm not sure if you have heard any of these and you have that "iffy" feeling about what you are hearing from your doctor, here's what I suggest you do:

1. Research.  There are great information online that you can read about.
2. Go to the Right People.  Find a breastfeeding friendly doctor or reach out to the La Leche League Support group.  They will not let you down.  They never did.

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