Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Touch and Feel 1-2-3 Book Review

My husband and I are working on teaching our son how to identify the numbers and how to count.  Unfortunately, the flashcards didn't work the same way it did with my daughter years ago.  We already bought three sets of flashcards but it somehow end up either torn or lost. Good thing we discovered the book published by Dorling Kindersley on one of our trips to Booksale.

Touch and Feel 1-2-3 is a tactile book that teaches counting and numbers, recommended for ages 1-5 years old.  It has vibrant picturesand colors will catch your children's eyes.  What makes it more interesting are the different textures that are introduced in the book.

I knew I found the right book when I saw the delight in my son's eyes.  Learning became more fun for him as we count the fishes and the cars and the snakes. He couldn't resist touching the "rough" sandcastles and the "sticky" cherries while counting them. We also used the same book to teach him about some of the colors.  Since we bought the book, he could easily identify numbers 1 to 10.  He is able to associate the texture to other things at home like the scotch tape.  He calls it "sticky."  Because this is a board book, I don't have to worry about it being torn.

Touch and Feel 1-2-3 is just one of the best-selling touch and feel series published by Dorling Kindersley.  Some of the books in the series are Touch and Feel ABC, Touch and Feel Shapes and Touch and Feel Animal Colors.  They are great books to introduce your toddlers to early-learning subjects like counting and the alphabets.


  1. I have three children and they all have different learning style!my eldest learned best with flashcards and books and phonics. My second, practically the same way and my third is the touchy-feely guy. and he is a sight reader too

  2. sounds like a great book! I remember books like that that my nephew really learned from when he was smaller. I;m sure it's not just the book though, a lot of it is how you and your hubby used it to teach him. :)

  3. I honestly think it's unfair for parents to compare the progresses of their kids. Nonetheless, the tactile book makes learning more fun, I am certain! I'm sure your son will learn everything he needs to in time :)

  4. Each child learns differently. Good you found an alternative for your son that works.

  5. That's a great book. We also get most of our books from BookSale or Books for Less. We get to buy more books that way, and also, the books there are still in fairly good condition. :)

  6. I love these kind of books. I read in an article that it's nice to prepare toddlers for such activities before in preparation for them to school.

    CE 11/20

  7. My son is not very inclined in learning how to count yet, and he's already four! But I'm not really worried, I know he'll catch up soon. :) So cheer up and keep supporting your children.

  8. nice book!
    i have a lot of these when my kids are at toddler age

  9. It will only help him identify numbers but different textures as well.

  10. My son is turning 8 in less than two months.. I regret not buying him books like this when he was younger...

  11. That does sound like a fun way to learn! Kids are so lucky today that learning materials are getting more advanced and creative. :)

  12. Just support your kids and help them learn discipline... when my husband and I got busy with our Masters in Hosp. Admin program when he was 9 years old, we sort of forgot to help him learn the discipline in studying...

  13. Same here, my sons are totally different from each other when it comes to their learning developments. Just being there to support both of them in everything they do is a good foundation to learning and studying. :)

  14. Great review. Will check out books too for my son and daughter.

  15. Great find! It goes to show that children have different learning styles. -ceemee

  16. My daughter has something similar to this. That book gave her the interest in reading because of its learning style.

  17. I hope I can find this book here. I want it for my nephew. :D

  18. I will definitely look for this book. My son loves book and it will surely help him with counting. Thank you for sharing.

  19. san po meron nito? :-) my pao would surely love this kasi ang hilig nya magtouch... :-)

  20. This is probably a good gift idea for my little nephew. He likes browsing picture books when he's in the mood for "reading."

  21. I love textured books too..they make learning so much more interesting for kids.

  22. Nice book there, How much and where can we have this one?

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    While you aгe travеlling abrоаd and you plan is to ѕtay at some friеndѕ ρlаce thеn you actuаlly become
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    Health іnsuгаncе іs an insurance,
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    Sinсе the deԁuсtible is уour initiаl out
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  71. Fee fоr ѕeгvice covегаge ρlans uѕed tο be very popular, but they aгe not uѕeԁ аs muсh as they were in the pаѕt.

    Oncе you're in the system, you'll see a quote gгid.
    This ԁеρenԁs on thе number
    of aсcidentѕ а ԁriver has bеen in thе past.

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  72. While most are awaiting thе Supгeme Court vеrdict
    on the ACA constіtutionalitу that can frеe ѕtates of their
    оbligatiοn tο ѕet up еxchanges, оthеr stаtеs such as Maryland,
    Oгegon, Wаshington, California, Coloraԁо
    are aggressively working towаrds setting uρ a functionаl heаlth eхchange
    model befoгe the Januaгy 1, 2014 dеаdline.

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    Αlthοugh hеаlth insurаnсe policiеs have becomе νеry ѕtandardizеd lately, there іs
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  77. Qualifуing for а subsidy is based on the 400% rule but thе amount of
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  79. Oсcasiοnal rеports tracking things such as outpatiеnt tests, outpatient visits
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    There are, however, some questionable carгiers
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    Thе disaԁvantage of ѕelf assessеԁ іndividuals іs that this аppгoaсh requіrеs an indеpth knowledge οf the Tax Sуstem аnd it takes timе to woгκ
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  80. In the midst of a state budgеt crisіs in Oregon, Aprіl 1, 2011,
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  82. Τhe basе numberѕ are 100% οf the Federal Poverty level.
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  92. Muсh of the сurrent covеrage for addіctіon гehabilitation stеmѕ fгοm аn еxpansion of laws relatеԁ to mеntаl health аnd addіctiοn cοverage.
    Вe reminded that cοsts and premiums could vаry depenԁing on уour statе οr citу.
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