Sunday, September 16, 2012

My First Blogger Award

When I started blogging, I never really thought about awards or any form of recognition.  I thought this is the best time to face my fear -- fear that what I have written is not good enough.

Like any blogger, I continued to do what I do and unexpectedly receive a comment from Sarah, telling me that I have been nominated in the Leibster Award.  It was quite unexpected because I have been sick and have not updated my page for sometime.

So what is a Liebster Award?

"Liebster is a German word whose meanings include kindest,dearest,favorite,valued,welcome."

The award recognizes bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve recognition and appreciation in their contribution to the blogging community.  Being relatively new to the blogging world, I am humbled and honored to receive this kind of appreciation from a fellow blogger.  You may find Sarah's post here.

There are rules in order to accept the award, one has to follow them.

  • Write 11 things about yourself. 
  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you must create 11 more for the people that you will nominate for this award.
  • Select up to 11 bloggers; linking them to your post. 
  • Go to their page and inform them of the nomination
  • Strictly NO tags back.  Only tag bloggers with less than 200 followers. 

To start off, here are 11 random facts about me.
  • I can type even without looking at the keyboards.  I owe it to my typing class when I was in Grade 6 when our teacher used to cover our eyes during our typing exercises. 
  • I love watching romantic comedies.  My all-time favorite is "My Best Friend's Wedding."  I often annoy my husband by reciting almost 90% of Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz's lines. 
  • The first thing that I look at on the menu is the dessert.
  • The most favorite place I want to be at is the beach listening to Bob Marley's songs. 
  • I love the smell of chlorine in the swimming pool. 
  • I am a good swimmer but I am terrified of the ocean. 
  • I love the smell of coffee in the morning. 
  • I probably spend more on books than I do on miscellaneous stuff. 
  • I am a mother of two adorable kids who were born on the same month with an 8-year gap.  My eldest was born on the 22nd and the other was born on the 25th. 
  • I am a GLEEK. 
  • I am a morning person but that changed when I started working in the BPO industry.  

Now, the answers to Sarah's questions.

What do you love most about blogging?
I love that it takes my mind off my regular job in the BPO company.  I love that I can let myself go and write about things and not be afraid of what other people think.  I love that I get to improve my writing skills and my confidence in the way I write. 

What was the first song or tune that you sang?
Gosh, that was ages ago but if I remember correctly, it would be "Fly Fly Fly, the Butterfly." LOL.

What was the first give that you had ever received?
This is a hard one. I'm not sure if this was the first one but this is something that I had for as long as I can remember -- my walking doll.  She's 3 feet tall and my daughter still got to play with her. 

What is one historical story in your family that you are most proud of?
That would be the story of what my father had to go through to keep our store.  That store has helped our family survive and helped me finish school.

When did you first learn to go home on your own?
I was in Grade 4.  I remember feeling like a grown up after that incident. 

When did you first learn to live on your own?
College years.  It was the BEST.

Who is your favorite author and why?
SIDNEY SHELDON (hands down.)  Once you read a Sheldon book, you never want to put it down.  The plots are unpredictable and the endings are not what you expected.  Love it!!!

What is (are) favorite movie (s) that touched on history or based on real life events?
Schindler's List.  Hachi: A Dog's Tale

What do you do when you experience writer's block?
I don't force myself to write when that happens.  I give myself some time to collect my thoughts and go back to writing again.  The best one I've written so far are those that I wrote when I was inspired. 

What book or story that you will never get tired of reading?
Any Sheldon book is worth the Nth read. 

What difficult decision had you done in your life that was worth it. 
Leave the province and move to Manila on my own.  It was hard.  I've made some good and stupid decisions but it made me who I am now. 

Enough stuff about me, let's go to the most exciting part.  It's a little challenging to find someone who could be a recipient of this award only because most of the blogs I know have more than 200 followers, but here are the chosen ones:

And the 11 questions are:

When and why did you start blogging?
What's in your playlist now?
What's the most recent book that you read?
What is your pig out food?
What's the best thing that happened to you this year?
What's in your bucket list that you plan to accomplish before the year ends?
What is the one thing that gives you the most joy?
Who is your role model?
What are your thoughts now?
What makes you smile?
What is the one word that best describes you as a blogger?

Time for me to notify the recipients of the award.  Again
Congratulations to everyone. 
I'm looking forward to reading all of your answers. 


  1. Thanks for the award! It is very much appreciated. I enjoyed reading your meme, and I hope to get to know you better through your future posts. :)

  2. I am glad to know I am not the only one who had a gift that I kept ll these years. I also love Sidney Sheldon and Schindler's List. What more can I say ?

    Again I love the way you write and how you answered the questions very straightforward.


    1. Thanks Sarah. The doll is one of my treasures. I remember pretending that she was my sister because I was an only child. Mmm...maybe I should write a post about it.

      You just gave me an idea. Thanks!

    2. That would be great ! I would love to read that story. Btw, you may want to drop by at my site and read " A Gift Never Forgotten ." Happy reading.

  3. nice post mommy!!wow..i wasnt able to check on my blog for about 2 weeks now and i didnt know about this...congrats for the award and thank you for the vote mommy!!!


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