Monday, October 8, 2012

Philips Avent: From Pregnancy to Playground

Last October 6, 2012, Philips AVENT , a leader in parenting and baby products organized an event in celebration of the many facets of motherhood.  I say this event was not just for the mothers but for the entire family.  It was informative for both parents as it was a fun activity for the kids.  It featured the belly cast exhibit by birth artist, Mimsy Sermonia-Jundis together with the works of Stanley Ong, a renowned pregnancy portraitist.

From Pregnancy to Playground is an interactive exhibit that features activities from different stages of motherhood.  The Grand Atrium was divided into three (3) areas: Baby Bump, New Baby and Growing Baby.  Baby Bump are for pregnant mothers, New Baby - for moms with babies up to 18 months old and Growing baby for moms with toddlers like me.

The Entrance to the Exhibit area and below is my kid's favorite area - Scrapbooking.
The exhibit opened at 10am but me and my toddler ran a little late.  The talks have started and most of my mommy friends who are Avent users were already there.  Each mom was given a "passport" as a guide for them to go through the exhibit areas and once they're done, they can claim their loot bags.

Because I brought along my toddler with me, I was only able to get bits and pieces of the information provided by the speakers that day.  But what struck me the most was the talk on children's oral care.

Note to self: I need to schedule my son's dental checkup now that he's two.  I learned that we should have started when he was 1.

As for my older daughter, I should stop buying kiddie toothpaste and have her use an adult toothpaste instead.  The latter contains Flouride that's healthy for the teeth and gums.  Brushing the teeth for 2 minutes is also recommended.

With much of the talks ongoing, my son was busy running up and down the slide set up by Gymboree.  And later he helped himself with the crayons in the scrapbooking area.  He was given Truman, the bunny's picture to color and decorate.  He's a toddler so he mostly just made scribbles and doodles.  He was also given buttons and a few cutout shapes that he and I pasted.  He tells me where he wants to put the button and I put a paste on it.  He was pretty happy about his "artwork" that I had it pinned on the wall for his Tatay to see.  My husband caught up with us after he fetched our daughter from the School Camping Activity and he was all grins when he saw what our son did.  My daughter immediately dove in the scrapbooking table and decorated our picture.  Little did we know that these were judged and Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, the brand ambassador picked his work as one of the winners.  He won a Philips Avent 7-oz Straw Cup.

Clockwise from the top left: my son's winning artwork; him showing off the crayon;
him having his picture taken with  his artwork and him falling asleep while i claim his prize.  

It was only when my son fell asleep that I got to sit down to watch and listen to the activities on stage.  Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan read us her new book "Kuya na si Bunso" which I find as a fun way of explaining what it means if mommy is pregnant.  Chef Mitchie did a cooking demo using the Philips Avent Steamer/Blender.  My mommy friends eagerly participated in the Gymboree class demo on stage together with their toddlers.  And my daughter happily watched and participated in the magic show.

Clockwise from the Top Left: Storytelling with Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan; Cooking Demo with Chef Mitchie Sison; Gymboree demo class; My daughter participating in the Magic Show

Couldn't resist having our picture taken with Mommy Maricel; Avent Lootbag and my son's prize.

We're very thankful that Philips Avent organize this kind of activity that not only showcase the quality of products that they offer but they also provide information that is essential for Moms like me.

Me and mommy friends who were also part of the Avent Discussion board

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  1. weea, congrats andre for winning the art contest! :)

    1. thanks mommy glaiza. too bad he was asleep when his name was called.

  2. my daughter is already 5 and we haven't been to a dentist, ever :P maybe it's time to have her teeth checked na especially that she started to love sweets and candies recently.


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