Monday, March 25, 2013

One Grand Day, One Advocacy

MCNP has been my go-to group when it comes to Cloth Diapering.  Last Sunday was our first Grand EB and Expo at the 500 Shaw Zentrum.

Talk about GRAND! Aside from the hundreds of MCNP members who came and had fun, a whopping 10,000 php was raffled off at the end of the day.

The registration committee at work.
Play Area for the kids courtesy of Gymboree

And there is a separate table where the kids could draw and color.
During the event, over 20 Merchants were there to sell mom and baby items.  And guess what sold like hotcakes? CLOTH DIAPERS.  The Fawn Shoppe sold their Alva nappies at 5 for 1000php, Asya's Cradle sold Sunbaby Diapers (without inserts) for only 200php and I was able to buy Oxyclean for only 380 php from the Thrifty Mama Shoppe.

My good friend Mommy Laurence of the Fawne Shoppe and her ever supportive hubby.
Marianne of the Thrifty Mama Shoppe.  Those Oxi-cleans are great poopy stain remover.

With Mommy Hope of Smart Steps (one of my trusted Mommy Brands)

Those cute designs are the reason for my addiction. 
Aside from the bargains and the deals, there were a lot of talks about cloth diapering.  I personally find it very interesting that one mom's advocacy could grow into a community who shares the joys and the knowledge on cloth diapering.  And I am very proud to be part of this community.

A very interesting Panel Discussion on Cloth Diapering
Everyone stayed until the end of the event -- anticipating who will be the lucky Mom (or Dad) who will win the GRAND PRIZE.  And true it is -- "Maswerte ang Buntis." A very pregnant Abigail Maquiling won!  I was even surprised that she started running towards the stage. :)

A big check indeed

To the organizers of the event, KUDOS to your hardwork.  The event was a SUCCESS!
To the generous sponsors and the merchants, thank you so much for supporting the group's advocacy.  Until the next event.


  1. ang galing! looks fun! congratulations to the organizers and participants! :)

  2. Wow! The EB was one of my fave days. I get to meet my kapanaligs in cloth diapering and winning the grand prize! :)

  3. I cant forget the day where i get to meet almost all my kapanaligs in cloth diapering and the day i won the grand prize! :)

    1. Congratulations sis! Bongga ka talaga at ikaw nanalo. Maswerte talaga buntis and you proved it!


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