Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dave, Tim and Andre

The moment my son heard the preview of the movie Despicable Me 2, he has never stopped singing the "banana" song.  He became fascinated by the minions.  When we found out that SM has an activity over the weekend which will allow kids to meet the minions, I didn't think twice about taking my son to meet them.

The first part was mostly trivias about the movie Despicable Me and then the host threw in some questions for the audience.  Whoever got the correct answer received goodies from SM.

Anyone with a 300 php purchase at SM got to write their names at the registration table and had the opportunity to have their pictures taken with minions, Tim and Dave.  It was perfect for us because we still need to buy a few things for my daughter in preparation for the upcoming school year.

My boy, brave enough to have his picture taken with the mascots
I was a little anxious when Tim and Dave came out because my son's last encounter with a mascot was not a very pleasant one.  We had to leave the room because he was screaming his lungs out.  I was pretty surprised that he actually asked me to take him to the stage and have his picture taken.  I guess he's not scared anymore.

Despicable me will be shown on the cinemas starting on July 3.  You bet my entire family will be there to enjoy the movie.

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