Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hakab na Bacolod

August is breastfeeding awareness month and what better way to start the celebration by organizing a breastfeeding mob.

The breastfeeding mob was held last Saturday in Bacolod at Cafe Bob's.  It was a simultaneous event as moms in Manila, Davao and Cagayan de Oro City also gathered together in one area to promote breastfeeding and increase breastfeeding awareness.

Nationwide, approximately a total of 200 moms participated - more than 100 in Manila, around 60 in Cagayan, 30 in Davao and 5 in Bacolod.

The low turnout in Bacolod I must say is a little disappointing but we're hoping that we could change that number by next year. The Mom and Baby Club has just been organized last May and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we'd be able to convince more mothers to breastfeed their babies even to toddlerhood. Besides there could be other reasons for the low turnout - lack of publicity or bad weather to name a few.

Sure there's just five of us but it was a fun mommy bonding moment.  We shared stories about each other, about motherhood, plan activities for the group and the kids...well the kids spent the entire afternoon eating pretty much anything at Bob's.

Thanks to Tita Yols tablet. It was enough to keep them entertained at least for a few hours.

Breastfeeding had been the best personal choice I've ever made and I'm glad that I stuck to it despite the challenges that I had to go through. I've had those nights when I cry in pain and I doubt my capacity to produce milk. Without such strong support system, I don't think that I'd be able to continue with my journey.

Breastfeeding Moms and Breastfed kids
We have one exciting event in Bacolod coming up and we would love to meet more mommies who want to learn more about breastfeeding.

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month everyone!

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