Saturday, September 19, 2015

An Afternoon at the Mind Museum's on-the-go Educational Program

The Mind Museum is a science museum located in Taguig that provides an educational experience about science to kids and parents alike. We didn't get the chance to visit the place when we were in Manila so we were quite excited when we found out a few weeks ago that they are coming over in Bacolod. Well, we thought that they're going to have a booth or an exhibit of some sort but we were wrong. I guess we didn't read the poster well.

Guess who's excited?

What was brought to Bacolod by the District North Point and Avida Land was The Mind Museum on-the-go Educational program where a resident scientist facilitates science shows. I learned that this is the first time that they had this in the Visayas. Yes! We were the first!

My son has been crazy about science. He learned the whole solar system at 4 years old and he can talk to you about bloodstreams and the chromosomes and even the fact that he used to be an egg cell inside Mama's womb. We thought he would find the activity interesting and we were right.

We didn't catch the 2 pm show so we ended up watching the 4 pm show. They did a few question and answer first where the kids can win prizes if they answered correctly. He was game. He was ready. He was running back and forth. Unfortunately, he was too small and I didn't think the host noticed him so he did't win anything. It was fun to see him try. Although he didn't win anything, the best part for him is getting the chance to participate during the experiment.

Mind Museum
The smallest one who volunteered. 

They did around 7 experiments, if I remembered correctly. My favorite was when they created a "cloud" using a PEP bottle with 70% alcohol and a pump.

Trying to make a "cloud" after the show

My son's favorite was when they tried to burn a paper money that was dipped in alcohol and sprinkled with salt. I say tried because the money did not really burn. My son told me that it was "resistant to fire," (his exact words). I had to ask him again what he said because I was surprised that he said that. And his other favorite was when the coke "exploded" after dropping a pack of Mentos.

Kids were clapping and jumping up and down when they saw this. 

It was a fun experience for the kids and I think we should have more of this in Bacolod. We were expecting an exhibit but the kids got more than that. Resident scientist, Asia was very good with the kids and she gave the scientific explanation behind the experiments that they performed. The Mind Museum will definitely be on our list to visit when we go to Manila soon.

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