Monday, January 23, 2012

Grand Baby Company Fair Year 2

It's time once again for the Grand Baby Company Fair at SM Megatrade Halls 2 and 3.  It's three days of non stop shopping with over 100 exhibitors offering up to 70% off on their items.   Can't wait to shop? Me too!  

Here are some of the tips that you may want to read through before going there.

  • List down the things that you need before leaving your homes.  Going to a Mega sale without your list can result to either spending way over budget or forgetting the things that are more important.

  • Come up with a budget base on the items that you have listed.  Not fun?  Come up with a budget, but be realistic.  Make just a little room for the impulsive buys.  Of course, you and hubby have to agree on that amount.
  • Have a talk with your husband on how you'd be able to check out all the booths without getting lost or without going around in circles. You can maybe agree that you start from the right side of the hall down and then to the next column and back up front again.  Be creative. Would you believe this idea came from my dear husband? Talk about being organized.
  • Leave the kids at home if you can.  Most kids get fussy if there are a lot of people.  Or bring your yaya with you so you can shop while the yaya is attending to your kids.  
  • If you're bringing your kids, make sure you pack them some snacks or bring along a small toy to keep them entertained.  We don't want any distractions while we do our shopping, right?
  • Be Early.  Getting there early means having more time to go through the booths and not really worry that much on the number of people shopping.  You may even get a lot of freebies for being an early worm.

Now all you need to do is get some rest and be ready for the BIG day!

Got any more tips that you can share?

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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