Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ameda Elite Contest

When I learned that Babymama and Chronicles of a Nursing Mom are having a contest online and that the prize is a one year free rental of Ameda Elite, I knew I had to join.  I thought, it's a perfect opportunity for me and our company to reach out to other moms - preggy or not - about breastfeeding.


The contest is open to all breastfeeding moms (like me) and all I did was to submit a photo of our nursing station, information about me and my company, what the current set up at work and what I could recommend to my company.

Our Cafe Au Lait that came with a chair, a table, information about breastfeeding posted on the wall and my breastfriend - my Avent pump and via cups.
If we win the contest I'd be sharing the pump with my colleagues, Flora Mae Soriano (breastfeeding), Katrina May Reynoso (breastfeeding), Joan Mata (breastfeeding) and Lynette Lim (pregnant).  These are just five names that I submitted only because they are the ones that I knew who are currently breastfeeding (or who wants to breastfeed).  Given the number of employees that we have, I am definitely sure that we can reach out to more than the ones on the list.

Our company provides us with a private, hygienic and well ventilated station where we can express milk in between our shifts. It is a small area but it has everything a nursing working mom needs:

  • dual voltage power outlets for both 220V and 110V electric pumps
  • light dimmers to suit mother's personal lighting preferences
  • personal refrigerators exclusively for breastmilk storage 
  • hooks for clothing and bags
  • mirrors so we can put ourselves together before leaving the place
  • information materials on breastfeeding, expression and storage

Despite working on a graveyard shift, I am still able to bring home milk for my son who's still breastfeeding at 20 months (and counting).

Did I mention that our Communications team was the one who took the pictures so I can submit my entry? Talk about support! 

(Sadly, it wasnt their picture that was chosen to be posted on the Fanpage.  But thanks Comm team. The pictures were GREAT!!! I'll post them on my next entry)

My Recommendations:
Providing us a venue to express milk is the first step. It would be great to have a lactation policy in place, a yearly or quarterly breastfeeding seminar for the pregnant women, a support group for the breastfeeding moms and maybe a small corkboard in the nursing station where we could put announcements such as the next schedule of the La Leche League meeting or the next LATCH Best Beginnings Class.

You can view my entry here and here.  To all who support breastfeeding, please take your time to vote.  Personally I just like to send the message across all mothers that you don't have to quit breastfeeding even if you have to go back to work.   

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