Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Breastfeeding? You Bet I am!

I gave myself at least a year to breastfeed my son.  Before I knew it, more than a year has already passed.  He's 4 months shy from his 2nd birthday, still breastfeeding and showing no signs of weaning.  I've gotten a lot of mix reactions from people when they find out we're still at it:

amazed - "wow, you still have milk?"
supportive - "that's great! go extended breastfeeding!"
curious - "does he bite you?" "when are you going to stop?"
and a few unsolicited advice
"he's old. You should be weaning him. There are a lot of milk available in the market anyway."

They may mean well for reacting that way but I am all for baby-lead weaning.  We stop when he's ready to stop.

Nursing my son for more than a year enabled me to deal with these reactions more graciously instead of reacting negatively to it.  So I just smile and say "thank you."  I've been more than proud that I have reached this milestone.

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