Saturday, December 8, 2012

Certified Stage Momma

My daughter's choir group. They placed 2ND! Yay!
I used to wonder why parents rush in front of the stage when it's their kids turn to perform.  I didn't understand that until I became a mother myself.  I can still remember the first time my daughter performed in kindergarten.  I felt the tears well up my eyes as I
watch her dance.  I don't know why but I was so proud to see her up there.  And of course my dear husband was so busy taking pictures.

Being a stagemother is probably one role that I will never outgrow regardless of how small or how big my kids' accomplishment are going to be.  I will forever brag about their milestones and their achievements.

So here I am again in my stagemother role. My daughter, being a member of the school choir, competed in the Choir Competition in Alphaland.

As for my son, he's got something going on for himself too.  I entered him as a Baby Ambassador for Tiny Buds.  If you can recall,Tiny Buds is one of the essentials in our Nappy Bag. Why did I join? Simply because I love their products.  I find it easier to speak about
the product if I have actually used and like it.  Plus it would be nice to win an overnight GC at Island Cove (if we win). I heard the place is good.

So this is me being a stage mom.  If you have 3-5 minutes of your time to help me out and get some votes/likes.  It's just two simple steps:

Step 1: Like the Tiny Buds Fan Page
Step 2: Click this Link.  This should direct you to my son's entry
then like the Picture.  (He's entry #4)

Deadline is on December 10. 

My Entry in the Tiny Buds Baby Ambassador.


  1. I could relate to you Sis! I was also a stage Mom and will forever be! :)

  2. I think I will also be a stagemom once I have kids. I grew up with so much attention from my mother, she was always present during school programs. Oh I love her, and I want to be like her in the future!

  3. Ako din for sure, magiging stage mom. Sa mga pamangkin ko pa nga lang stage tita na eh :) Goodluck with your entry!

  4. It's nice that your child is exposed to a stage performance like these. It will build up confidence and fear of facing a crowded people. Unlike my daughter. Shy lagi pag may tao na hehehe!

    CE 12/4

  5. I guess all moms are/were stage moms one or more time/s in their lifetime! They are our kids and they will forever be the BEST in our eyes! :) Congratulations on your child's performance! :)

  6. Hahaha. I think most moms are to be considered stage moms because they give their full support to their kids.

  7. My son is not yet in school but make me proud seeing him admired by many when he sings and talks to them. Perhaps, these are some of the reasons why there are stage parents not only moms but dads too. They are proud of their kids.

  8. Me, too super stage mom. You can always see me in the front row in any event in school haha


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