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Dengue Terror + Bite Block Giveaway

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Here's the reality:
Nationwide, there is a total of 14, 837 dengue cases including 89 deaths as of June 2004 according to the Department of Health

In Metro Manila, the dengue cases has increased by 121% in the past three months compared to the same period last year.
In Bacolod, dengue cases has reached 904 with Barangays Taculing and Villamonte having the most number of dengue cases.

Personally, I don't want to part of those statistics nor will I want any of my family members to be one of those numbers. It's scary and it's life threatening.

Dengue, known as breakbone fever is an infectious disease caused by the dengue virus which is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito.  These mosquitoes typically bite in the early morning of the day or in the early evening.  Dengue is one of the common illnesses that anyone can get infected with during the rainy season.  That's because mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant waters.

Do you know that a female mosquito can lay 100-200 eggs?  That's 100-200 mosquitoes that can potentially transmit the virus and infect you or your family.

The good news is, dengue can be prevented.  One way to do that is to use an insect repellant.  There are different ones available and I have narrowed down my favorites.  One product on my list is Bite Block Insect Repellent and you can read why I love them here.

I've got another good news. Bite Block has sent over goodies for my readers.  You know what that means? It's giveaway time!

There will be 4 sets of winners:

One winner from Bacolod and one winner from anywhere in the Philippines will each get 2 (two) 100 ml Bite Block Kids, 1 (one) 100 ml Bite Block Daily and 3 (three) 5 ml Bite Block Daily.

One winner from Bacolod and one winner from anywhere in the Philippines will each get 2 (two) 100 ml Bite Block Daily, 1 (one) 100 ml Bite Block Kids and 3 (three) 5 ml Bite Block Daily.

The winners from Bacolod should be willing to meet up with me at the District Northpoint Ayala.

Prizes up for grabs

I will have two sets of rafflecopter on my page so make sure that you follow the instructions and use the correct rafflecopter.

The Bacolod winners will be announced on October 25 so we can meet up on the 27th. All winners should reply to my email within 24 hours. Otherwise, a new winner will be picked.

If you're located anywhere in the Philippines, use the one below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck everyone!!!


  1. Sa ngayon po ang ginagamit ko lang pong panangga sa mga lamok ay ang paglalagay ng mosquito net sa gabi. Gusto ko po itry ang Bite Block para magamit ko sa kapag araw, kasi minsan pag umuuwi ako sa bahay ung anak ko may mga kagat na ng lamok.

    Flor Ann Basa Guarino

    1. Thanks Flor. Nung maliit din ako mosquito net din kami gabi gabi and it does work. :) Thanks for joining.

  2. we use mosquito net and always clean the surroundings. i havent tried bite block yet so i cant say anything or any recommendation using it :) hoping to win so i could try ;)

    Arra Odeza

  3. i use mosquito repellent & mosquito repellent patch or my kids at home and school.
    May Ongsioco

  4. im currently using off lotion and we use mosquito net at night so i could prevent mosquito or insect bites
    i want to try block to know if its more effective than im now currently using..
    sherry ann gole cruz

  5. I want to try the Bite Block because my son Danjo was hospitalized last month due to Dengue.Really hoping to win this.

    Marlene Yanga

  6. i haven't tried bite block yet xe ung isang popular brand ang ginagamit namin. i want to try this one kung alin ba ang mas effective.

    caryn morales

  7. Mosquito net every night and put off lotion I was very much into my kids because I dont want to put them at risk my eldest had dengue before and I dont want this to happen again. Hoping to win to try the Bite Block Lotion

  8. hindi ko pa na ta-try ang BITE BLOCK, but i want to try that,since wala din kame ibang product for prevention of mosquito bite to prevent degue i only use an ordinary lotion basta lotionan kolang kids ko. and also i 'll make sure that our surroundings is clean..i want to have that product to try it to my kids and family..

    Leny Martinez

  9. I have'nt try Bite Block hope to win so I can try it for my 2 kids, this is very useful lalo na sa panahon ngaun to prevent dengue.
    So ang ginagawa ko nglilinis araw araw at hindi ako ngsstock ng mga empty bottles para di pamahayan ng lamok. Pinapakain ng masustansyang pagkain mga bata para lumakas resistensya nila.
    Maricris T. Abarabar

  10. I wish to try the product to protect my daughter from unwanted sickness. This would be very useful in our daily lives.
    Linis lang po ng maayos ng bakuran & wear pajamas always.
    Jea Blancaflor

  11. My little brother-in-law won the Kids and All-Day one. We tried it last night, I noticed my little boy still got mosquito bites so frequent application is needed. But even then, my son woke up with 10 bites from our afternoon nap today. Maybe the mosquitoes are immune to it or didn't care for it at all.

    1. Hi Mommy Roxi. Thank you for that feedback. I'll make sure that Bite Block gets this. I'm not sure kung bakit kinagat pa din ung baby boy mo though. :( The lotion worked for us naman.

  12. I prevent my kids from those pesky mosquitoes by cleaning our room always. By using mosquito mat when going to sleep. Using mosquito repellant lotion and lastly, making sure our window screens doesnt have holes.

    I want to try Bite Block because I want an alternative product to use for my kids. If its more affordable but works the same as leading brand.. then I wouldnt mind changing brands.

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  13. for now po ang gamit ko lang is off lotion,naglilinis po ako ng bahat and iniwasan po namin na magkaroon ng water sa mga balde kung walang takip.ill make sure po na lahat ng water namin sa balde may takip.gusto ko subukan ang bite block para naman may iba pa akong pwedeng gamitin lalo n s mga anak ko

  14. I want to try Bite Block. I am currently using off lotion to prevent mosquito or insect bites. Para maiwasan ang pagdami ng lamok sa bahay i always clean our house regularly.

    Judith Albius

  15. I use mosquito repellant to protect my family from mosquito bites. It very alarming these days because of dengue. Dengue is deadly and we should be cautious to clean our surroundings. It is everyone's responsibility. I make it sure that inside our house, I regularly lit a citronella scent candle because even inside, mosquitoes can seep through. We are not sure, but just a precaution. When my family goes out, I splash them mosquito lotion and spray citronella scent mist to double protect us. It's my first time to hear Bite Block and I want to try it's effectivity even if I haven't tried on them yet.

    Donna Rose Juezan

  16. I use mosquito repellant to protect my family from mosquito bites.. and I want to try this Bite Block!

    rhodora dacanay

  17. I always use mosquito repellant when at home or outside cause you'll never know ,mosquitoes are everywhere.... I always maintain the cleanliness of our house ..Love to try Bite Block

    Marine Rose Decena

  18. We've been using Off Lotion and it's my first time to hear about Bite Block, and as a mom I am always in search of other alternatives to what we're currently using and I wanna try this who knows this might be more effective than off lotion and I have read your review and I liked it.

    Pearliza Paguio

  19. As of now I am using the stick on patch mosquito repellant for my son. I want to try Bite Block because I think this is more effective than the stick on patch.

    Alkina Carla Mendoza

  20. We make sure that our house is always clean and free from stagnant water where mosquitoes may breed. My husband trims the grass and plants in our garden so that mosquitoes won't stay there. We've been using a citronella spray for our home for a couple of months now. For our baby, we use Tiger Balm Mosquito repellent spray. We use mosquito coils only when there's too much mosquitoes. Like most of the Filipino families, we also use mosquito net at night just to be sure that mosquitoes wont bite us while we're fast asleep. I have seen Bite Block in the supermarket just a couple of days ago, but we haven't tried it. I would be glad to try the product.

  21. Merun po ba nito sa MErcury drugstores? i badly needed one. kwawa kasi daughter ko lagi na lang may kagat ng lamok. =(

    Ralyn Serra

  22. 1. I prevent my family from getting bitten by those pesky mosquitoes by putting a screen door and screens all over our windows...

    I'm are currently using Bite Block because it's rainy this days and mosquitoes are very active to bite anytime.

    I want to try Bite Block because I need a product that will protect my kids in mosquito bites and stay them away in dengue.

    Mary Joy Supetran

  23. I want my son to be protected from mosquito that's why I want to try Bite Block because dengue nowadays is very rampant.It's better to prevent than cure that's why I'll be vigilant in protecting my son from this deadly mosquito.

    Cecille Azucena

  24. During my rest day I help my wife clean up the house, make sure there's no stagnant water and other things that mosquitoes could breed on, we also apply off lotion to our kids. But we would definitely try out other products as long as our kids could be protected against mosquitoes

    Jaear Paguio

  25. pinaphiran ko ng off lotion iyon anak kong babae saka sa gabi bago matulog ngkakabit kami ng kulambo para iwas kagat sa lamot at sa dengue na rin lalo na ngayon maulan at pinapanatili ko wala naiipon na tubig sa paligid namin o labas ng bahay .
    kristine Pelayo

  26. I wanna try using this product to see if this is really an effective one compared with the other brands, specially for this season, mosquitoes are everywhere which is very dangerous for the babies.

    April Rose Calinog

  27. I want to try Bite Block, heard so many good things about the product! I really need Bite Block for my daugther who is 3 years old and very active at the same time we always go out, bite block will keep her safe from mosquito bites!

  28. I want to try Bite Block been using the existing brands in the market pero merong iba ayaw nila kasi malagkit daw. I want to try it if effective and if kids will love it.

  29. my tip on preventing mosquito bites is use mosquito lotion :) i want to try this because im looking for a moquito lotion that cannot affect my baby's skin.

    macky regina maranan

  30. Always keep your yard clean, windows closed to prevent mosquitoes from getting in.

    Lovely Joy Merced


  31. I make sure that everything is clean on our house. I also remove the stagnant water from the back of the ref, and our windows have screens.
    I want to try Bite block because I want to use it for my baby. The other brand that I used for my baby isn't effective at all.

    Arjayssa Reyes

  32. I want to try Bite Block because I've been looking for an insect repellent that is mild and effective for my little girl and for us adults as well. I hope I win so that I could try it out.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  33. I've been using Bite Block Insect Repellent on mah 2 kids for almost a year. Nakilala ko ang product na 'to last August 2012 lang sa isang event. At sobrang nagustuhan ko na ito. It's very effective talaga. before kasi ibang brand gamit ko, kinakagat pa rin ng lamok ang mga anak ko, ngayon hindi na. I'm confident na kahit saan sila magpunta basta nilagyan ko sila nito ay safe sila... ^_^


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