Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mommy Discovery: Tiny Buds: Tiny Fangs

It's no secret that my son has been using a different brand of toothpaste when his first tooth erupted.  During the Grand Baby Fair last February, we found out that Tiny Buds, one of my trusted Mommy Brand, just introduced Tiny Fangs.

Tiny Buds' Tiny Fangs is a Kiddie Tooth Gel that has xylitol and is flouride-free.  It is safe for kids even if they end up swallowing it.  I think we all know that babies don't know how to spit yet.

My son is almost three so I had him try Stage 2.  It turned out that he wasn't ready for those foams yet so we ended up switching back to Stage 1.  He loved the strawberry banana flavor.  Brushing his teeth has never been an issue with us but I'm glad to find another reason for him to do so.  All I had to do is tell him that it's "strawberry banana time" and he'd go to the bathroom.

As a mother, it's important for me to teach my kids oral hygiene.  I know how painful it is to have a toothache and the only way to prevent it is to visit the dentist and keep their teeth clean.  I'm glad to have found a new partner in caring for my son's pearly whites.

Tiny Buds' Tiny Fangs is available in all SM stores now.

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