Monday, January 12, 2015

Using Cloth Panty Liners

After getting into cloth diapering, I am no longer surprised that there are also cloth panty liners and menstrual pads for women. Since I am not yet ready to try the mama pads, I got myself a few panty liners from Chill's Cloth Pads.

Cloth Panty Liner - up close
So the panty liner is made of 4 layers cotton flannel material. It's not waterproof and not thick but it has enough layers to absorb the daily discharges (especially when you just finished your period). It's washable, reusable and chemical-free.

The panty liners has snaps to keep it in place. I was a little iffy about this at first but surprisingly, I didn't feel the snaps when I wore it. It's just like as if there is an extra layer of fabric in your underwear. When it is fastened, it is 6.5 long and approx 2.5 wide. The best part? It comes in different designs just like my son's cloth diaper stash.

This can be bought for Php 89 a piece. Quite expensive for a small piece of fabric but all you need is just a few pieces in your stash and you never have to buy another disposable panty liners ever again. Now that I have been using this for months now, maybe one of these days I will try the menstrual pads....maybe.

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