Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toddler Art with Googly Eyes

It's amazing what a child can do with a pair of googly eyes (at least that's what my son calls it.).

When my daughter and husband left for the Math training in Boracay, our 4-year old toddler was left in my care. For those who know my son, he can be quite a handful. It can sometimes be a challenge to keep him preoccupied while I am logged in to my online job. My solution -- GOOGLY EYES!

Most of the art materials are those that were unused in school so I gave him crayons, paste, scissors (with my supervision), bond paper and art paper. I just bought a 2 packs of googly wiggly eyes for 10 pesos at Lopues east. I set up a table beside mine so I can see what he's doing and gave him just one instruction -- surprise me with his artwork.

Here are some of what he did for the entire day:

From the top left: happy face, silly little alien, pou, shadow monster

He was extremely proud of what he did. I was even surprised that I was managed to complete my 8-hour shift without him bugging me too much. Thank you googly eyes. Now I just need to figure out what activities he can do next.

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