Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun with the Classic Lego Set

The weather hasn't been that good for the past few days and I'm so glad that we finally have our Classic Lego set. The set comes with a plastic storage box, a base plate that is 8 cm long and 16 cm wide, with more than 400 Lego bricks in different colors, several tires and wheel rims and a few sets of eyes and a booklet of building instructions.

I've bought my son several toys in the past and he'd often move from one toy to another that fast. He recently received a small Lego set from my friend who just returned from a US vacation and I saw how he used the blocks to create something other than what it's supposed to be - the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe from the Legends of Chima. It was pretty interesting because he created little "pets" using the discs as really huge eyes. If the Lego sets would tap his creativity side and will keep him off my back for hours, this toy is going to be PERFECT!

Lego time during school break.
Lego Fun time with Ate
Ate A and Kulit's creations

I was right. My daughter and my son have an 8-year age gap and it's great to see them play together and work together. While my daughter follows the building instructions to a T, my son went and created characters and a world of its own. Yes, that's how different their personalities are. What's even better is that the storage box has more room for more bricks. You bet I will buy more. If only there is a store in Bacolod that sells just the bricks. The best part about buying this set is that I get to work in peace too, unless my son calls my attention once in a while to showcase his creation.

Do you find playing with Lego fun too?

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