Friday, February 10, 2012

Life Without Yaya

We suddenly found ourselves without a nanny and a helper.  With a toddler wandering around the house, and a school girl with quite a number of projects, it seemed impossible to juggle.  But yes it can be done.  It may be difficult at first but it takes a lot of hardwork and teamwork. 

First Things First
Sit down with your husband and list down the things that needs to be accomplished and when it is needed.  You could go down to the very basics but the important thing is that youa re able to identify what the priorities are.  

Who does what, is up for the family to decide.  Now that my daughter is old enough, she was given simple chores that she can do on her own such as setting up the table during mealtimes and teaching her brother to pick up the toys after playtime.  She does a great job looking after her younger sibling while I was up and cleaning the house.  We even paide hr a rate of one peso per minute that she happily keeps inside "Mr. Coconut."

If you are a working mom like me, ensure that your tasks are finished on time because that would mean you dont have to spend extra time at the office.  More time at home would mean more chores to finish.

It takes TWO....or more
Keep in mind that your family is your team and you are bound to make this work.  Keep an open line of communication especially if one feels tired or completely worn out.  When this happens, stop and look at the things that you were able to pull off together.  Take it one day at a time, and pretty soon you'll be in the groove.

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