Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playtex Insulator Twist 'n Click Straw Cup: A Review

The Playtext Twist 'n Click Straw Cup is a 9-ounce insulated Cup recommended for toddlers 18 months onward.  It is BPA free and insulated so it can keep the drinks cold for sometime.  To use, just pour the liquid inside the cup, twist the lid and wait to hear the click to make sure that the cup is completely closed.  

The cover of the straw slides back and forth which makes it easy for toddlers to open.  The straw has two pieces.  One is inserted through the lid and the bottom straw has a valve that controls the amount of liquid that the toddler sucks in.

Experience with the Cup
We bought the cup at the SM Grand Baby Fair last January for 335 Php (original price Php 479.95 Php).  The cup is very durable.  It has been dropped, thrown and kicked by my active toddler and yet I didnt see it being damaged.  I've had a Playtex Insulator in the past and I trust that when it says that their cup is leak proof, it really is leak proof.  

My toddler didn't have any problems opening the cup on his own.  I notice though that there are times when my son gets impatient with the flow probably because of the valve. 

Another plus for this cup is that they have a replacement straw available in the market.  Unlike some straw cups, you dont have to buy a whole new cup in case the straw breaks.  The design is attractive even if it didn't really feature any "famous cartoon character."

Cleaning the cup is a bit difficult because it has four parts to wash.  Like the Avent Insulated cup, you need a brush to reach down to clean the bottom.  

The only negative experience I had was when we put the pineapple juice inside the cup and forgot to clean it right away.  The smell of the juice stayed and I had to wash it several times to remove the smell. I used a dish washing liquid then. We had the same incident with pineapple juice (again) and this time we used Smart Steps Baby Bottle Cleanser and surprisingly, the cleanser was able to removed the smell.

Will I be getting one for my son again? Most definitely.

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  1. Once your child has demonstrated straw proficiency, she should be able to drink anything you want her to have from a straw.

    1. I agree. But I love the cup so much we ended up buying another one. :)


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