Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Smart Explorers Smart Tots Session 3

We were again late for Andre's session.  Thanks to the excruciating traffic at Pasong Tamo, we arrived at 1130am.  They must have started on time because when we got there, the story time was over.  But good thing he was still able to participate in other activities. 

One thing that I observed is that my son continues to cling to me and would not join the activity especially when everyone played with the musical instruments.  I continued to coax him until he ran towards me saying "takot. takot."  It was only then that it dawn to me that he did not like the noise.  It was too much for his ears to bear.  He is scared.

What I loved about this session though is that I saw him enjoy during "bubble time."  Teacher Noemi and Teacher Happy blew bubbles and the toddlers (including my son) ran after each and every bubble blown and pop them.  It may sound like a simple activity but this could improve hand and eye coordination.

Must catch the bubble!!!

More singing after the bubble time and then it's time to go.  My husband ran a little late in picking us up too so my son had some more playtime at school.  It was only when the kids left and the music died down that my son started singing "1-2, I love you" by the Brainy Babies.  He scrambled down the slide and he sang "Sit down, sit down, you're rocking the boat" while riding on the "Turtle."  It was like he turned into a different person and it got me thinking. 

Does he need more time to get used to the environment at school?
In terms of learning, I think he is picking up things in school.  But is it the best venue for him to learn? 
Or should I just teach my child at home and bring him to play areas to get him to interact with other kids?

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