Monday, April 2, 2012

Adventures at the Babywearing Meet 4

I started wearing my son when he was around 9 months old.  I fell in love with babywearing since then.  I've had my trusty ring sling from the beginning and I thought maybe I'd buy another one.  My ring sling still works just fine except for the small tear on it's "tail."  My eyes were set on buying a Saya because of it's fabric and the fact that the support is on both shoulders however, I just couldn't seem to figure out how to use it without any help.  Perfect timing because Eliza (Painter's Wife) and Jenny organized the 4th Babywearing meet.

Unlike the 2nd meet held in Starbucks, the event was more organized this time.  There's an area for the babywearers and would be babywearers to listen and watch the vendors demonstrate how the products are worn and at the back of the venue is where you can find the exhibitors offering to give a one-on-one tutorial.  You can even purchase your baby carrier at the event.

Bianca Araneta showing how the Mei Tai works
Jenny wearing a ring sling, Buding wearing a Saya and Eliza wearing Basti in a Pouch
Daddy Jay of Ergo Baby Carrier
Buding introducing the Hybrid - a combination of the ring sling and the Saya
We had a great time even if I didn't win any of the items that were raffled off.  We went there to learn how to wear the Saya but ended up buying a pouch.  Why? Because wearing it is like a no-brainer. (he-he).

Until the next event!!! 

Babywearing Meet 4 Class Picture courtesy of Stanley Ong.  HANDS FREE!!!

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