Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Answer to My Insecurity

I used to take home at least 8-10 oz of milk for my son.  I am so used to seeing my stash in the ref and in the freezer.  But recently I can hardly fill a 4-oz bottle in a 9 hour shift.  I know I have milk but I couldn't help but be insecure when I see the new moms easily fill an 8oz bottle with ease.  I wasn't able to attend the La Leche League meeting last week and so I went to Medela Mom's seminar on Increasing Milk Supply. 

Abbie Yabot in action

The meeting was facilitated by the La Leche League leader, Abbie Yabot held at the Medela House in New Manila.  I didn't get to catch the first part of the seminar because I was at least an hour late (I fell asleep on the couch.  I said I was just going to rest for 15 minutes and ended up sleeping for an hour. hehe).  But the gist is, the mom has to be relaxed, breasts have to be stimulated and direct feed to increase supply.  What I learned that I am looking forward to applying are the breast massages shown by Abbie. These are simple massages that any mom can do before pumping/nursing and while pumping/nursing the baby. 

Yummy treats provided by Mommy Treats and Ella Eats

I am so glad I get the chance to talk to Abbie after the training and shared with her my predicament.  She pointed out that my son is almost two years old.  And milk supply do decrease as the baby grows older.  Breastfeeding moms should expect a decrease in supply once a child starts eating solid food at 6 months and may continue to decrease in his/her toddler years.   I felt better and she reassured me that I need not worry.  I should just increase my son's food intake before going to bed.  That way he will not ask for milk in the middle of the night.   I will definitely try that - or get my husband to try that since I work at nights and he pretty much stays with the kids. 

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