Sunday, April 22, 2012

Breastfeeding Station at SM Bacolod

We had our vacation in Bacolod about two weeks ago.  What I usually do when I visit the malls is check if they have breastfeeding stations and where they are located at.  Not that I am not comfortable nursing my son in public, there are just certain days that I want to nurse in a more quiet place. 

I was quite pleased when I found out that SM Bacolod has their own nursing station located at the foodcourt.  If you had the chance to visit the breastfeeding stations in other SM stores in Manila, it will be very easy to conclude that "they all look alike."  So far I have seen SM Centerpoint, SM Mall of Asia and SM Makati.  The furnitures are the same.  The rooms have the a sink if you need to wash up and they have a diaper changing station inside.  I personally don't think that it is the best place to put the diaper changing station.  I mean you don't want to change your son's dirty nappy while the other kids are eating. 

Breastfeeding Station right at the SM foodcourt

The same comfortable chair that I see when I was in SM MOA and SM Centerpoint

As expected, the place is really clean but the only difference is that the aircon inside their breastfeeding area is not working.  It's pretty warm.  My son and I just stayed there for a good 5 minutes and I had to leave. 

Have you visited any breastfeeding station lately?  I wonder which one's the best...

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