Thursday, July 4, 2013

LJS Bodega Sale Now in Bacolod

The first time I went to the LJS Bodega Sale in 2011, my husband and I went crazy.  It was heaven for those who love to cook (like my husband) and bake.  In 2012, I was a little disappointed when we weren't able to come because of a conflict in schedule.  Not only that, we know that we'll be moving back here in Bacolod the next year.  But lo and behold!  The LJS Bodega Sale is actually HERE - in BACOLOD!

It was just one of those days when we head off to the nearest department store - Lopue's East - and we saw a sign.  Pots and pans and baking utensils greeted us when we entered the store.  Immediately I felt giddy when I saw an all too familiar color guide.

One can get up to 70% discount from selected items
Avent Mealtime set down to Php 1200
Discounted baking pans for those who love to bake
A non stick pan for Php 250 and a 26cm Chef's classic pan for Php 480.  Definitely a STEAL!

It was just like the Bodega Sale in Manila.  What's even better is that the Bodega Sale will last the entire month of July.  Oh yeah! More time for me to earn online so I can buy what I want.  You bet I have my list ready.

Come visit Lopue's East Centre from July 1-31, 2013 and check out the amazing amazing deals on Avent, Chef's Classic and Goody Products.

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