Monday, July 1, 2013

Work at Home with ODESK

My husband and I have taken the leap last March.  I resigned from my old job as a Quality Manager and moved back to my province in Bacolod.  I thought about going back to the BPO industry but when I found out I went into relapse, I immediately said no.  I could no longer afford to compromise my health.  We went on and look for opportunities that will allow me to work at home.

Why work at home?

  • I need the flexibility.  I want to work at my own pace and time preferably in the morning shift. 
  • I want to be able to spend more time with the kids. 
  • I have been through a huge amount of stress for the past years that I thought it's time for me to be a little laid back. 

First thing that came into my mind - ODESK.
Odesk is a community.  I call it a community because it is where people go online to find work or to look for employees.  Kind of like virtual community.  Your or your client could be located anywhere in the world yet you provide your services and get paid for the amount of work that you do.

Getting Started
It's as simple as going to their website and creating your profile.  It's going to be somewhat like your resume at Odesk.  It is what the employers will see when they view it.

Odesk profile
After creating your profile, there are tests that you need to complete and pass so you will be labeled as "Odesk ready." The ones I took are related to the jobs/projects that I want to get like Basic English tests or Spelling tests and MS Word.  Your scores could show your proficiency in that field.

Now you're ready to apply.  There are a lot and I mean A LOT of open jobs at Odesk.  You wouldn't know where to start.   The good thing about it is that all these jobs are categorized so you can filter the ones that you feel you are comfortable getting.  After "job hunting" for almost a month, I manage to land a few projects and one great employer (also a WAHM) that pays me by the hour.  I'm not earning that much (yet) but I'm getting there.

Odesk is one great opportunity for moms who have a lot of free time and would like to work at home. Anyone who wants to earn additional income could definitely go to Odesk.  As for me, I'm still learning the ropes. 

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