Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Planet Mom Recommends: Pigeon Baby Lotion

I'm not a big fan of lotions. I only use them at work where the air conditioning system is centralized to prevent my skin from drying up. I don't use lotion on my kids too. My daughter feels sticky and my son feels uncomfortable. Blame it on our country's weather, I guess. I just couldn't let them use any product that will make them feel icky, sticky and sweaty in the middle of the day. Perhaps the only lotion-like product that I had them use is the Bite Block Insect Repellent although I'm not sure if that will count as a lotion.

Thankful to Pigeon Philippines that the organizers were given product samples and I got the Pigeon Baby Lotion. I was a little hesitant to get it at first because I thought none of my kids are using lotion regularly anyway.  However, I got interested with its consistency. It was like water. I knew I just had to try it out.

The Pigeon Baby Lotion contains natural ingredients that is safe for baby's skin. I was right. It is watery and it smells like powder. I so love the mild scent. It reminded me of how my son smelled like when he still hasn't discovered the outdoors.

I too used the lotion before I left home to attend a PTA meeting. I love that it doesn't feel sticky at all despite the sunny weather. It is watery but it is a lotion because my skin didn't feel dry or look dry. Now there's three of us using it -- me, my son and my daughter. I wonder if my husband will do too. Lol.

Another cool discovery -- do you know you can use it as a cologne too?

Find out more about Pigeon and their products by visiting their Facebook Fan page.

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