Saturday, December 7, 2013

Planet Mom Recommends: Smart Steps Baby Bottle Cleanser

When I had my daughter eleven years ago, I never really thought about buying bottle cleansers. We used one of those antibacterial dish washing liquid to wash all her bottles. We just had to make sure that the bottles are thoroughly rinsed because sometimes the bottles still smell like the dish washing liquid. It almost kind of made me think whether the bottles were properly cleaned at all.

Fast forward to when I had my son, we discovered Smart Steps. I remembered my husband persuading me to buy a bottle just to "try it out," and me agreeing to it because, I got nothing else to lose. One bottle is relatively cheap because we bought them on sale. We got one of those 400 ml pump dispenser and an extra refill for only Php 260.

My son was bottle fed and breastfed. Because I had to work on a graveyard shift, I had to bring my Avent breast pump and a couple of Avent Via Cups with me to work.  All these plus my son's sippy cups being washed with a dish washing liquid before we bought Smart Steps Bottle Cleanser.  How was my experience?

  • First, I like the sweet bubblegum scent. It's very mild and I actually enjoy it. After rinsing, you can hardly smell any residue. 
  • Second, after the bottles, breast pump parts and breast milk containers were sterilized, you couldn't smell the scent of the cleanser as soon as you open the sterilizer. Unlike when we were using the dish washing liquid where the scent lingers.
  • It can remove the unwanted odor. Take for instance the pineapple juice incident that I had with my Playtext Twist N' Click Straw. I figured that using the right bottle cleanser can make a difference. 

Smart Steps Bottle Cleanser has an easy rinse formula. It has no dyes nor phosphate. It is safe to use in washing not just your bottles, pump parts or sippy cups but you can also use this in washing fruits and veggies that your child is eating.

It has been a year since my breast pump retired and the bottles all given away but up until now, I am still using the cleanser to wash my son's sippy cups. This product has my seal of approval.

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