Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dojo 8 Coworking Space - My Plan B

A stable internet connection is a dire necessity when working from home. However, there are really circumstances that you cannot avoid like brownout or a faulty server of an internet service provider. If you plan to work online, having a back up plan is essential. Hence, I discovered Dojo Coworking space.

Dojo is the first ever coworking space in Bacolod located in 19th street in Lacson. It is the brainchild of Cell Jacela, CEO & Founder and my schoolmate in UPV. It's a place where freelancers, professionals and small business owners come to work and collaborate. For work-at-home moms like me, it's a place where I can go when I badly need a change of working environment or when there is a scheduled power interruption at our area. It's not just for professionals, they also cater to students who would want to study or review for a test.

My workspace
Check out this cool mug that you can use for your coffee, tea or water. 

Sure you can work in coffee shops with fast internet connection but sometimes coffee shops can be quite noisy and expensive. I mean you can't go there and not order anything.

So, what's great about Dojo? They have fast and reliable internet connection, in fact they have two (PLDT and Globe). Tea, Coffee and Iced tea is free. The place is very conducive for studying or working. At first glance it kinda looks like a library when you enter, with huge tables and chairs minus the books but with sockets everywhere. On the second floor there are conference rooms if you need to take a call via Skype or if you need to meet with several other freelancers.

The rates are surprisingly very affordable. They only charge Php120 for 4 hours and Php 250 if you stay there for 10 hours. I would go there with my "baon" inside a microwavable container. As soon as I get there, I'd put my baon inside the pantry ref and heat it using the microwave (also found in their pantry) at lunch. If I were working in a coffee shop, I'd probably end up spending a lot.

The Pantry
At the swing with my friend from Cebu, also a Digital nomad

Freelancers do not get paid when they do not work and Dojo has been my lifesaver every time there is a brownout or back when we had problems with our Globe internet connection. The place comes highly recommended and I'm not just saying that because the owner is my friend.

Get to know more about Dojo by visiting their website or their Facebook fanpage. Send Cell an email or a PM. Don't worry, he may look scary but he's a really nice guy. (Sorry Cell, I had to say this. haha!)

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