Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Me, Bazaarista

Since I started working from home, I kind of found myself having more time to do things. Maybe it's because I no longer sit inside a cramped passenger bus stuck in traffic on my way home. I recall I used to travel 30 minutes to an hour to get to the office (and back). Thank God I am no longer doing that.

One other thing that I am passionate about (aside from breastfeeding) is cloth diapering. I love the fact that I have saved thousands of pesos and I kind of like to think that I have somehow helped Mother Earth by not adding more to the garbage. I still couldn't get over it though. I like how it feels in my hands and how stuffing pocket diapers can magically erase the anxiety and stress that I feel. There are even days that I just spend a few minutes looking at how adorable the prints are and how cute it looked on my son's bum (Yup, too bad. He's potty trained). Fine! I guess you can say I'm a little addicted to it. So, I made it my business. I'm selling cloth nappies! Yay!

Fluffy banderitas in my backyard. Sigh! This is what laundry day looks like.

A year ago, a Marketing company named Gato Verde started the weekend souk here in Bacolod and they were looking for sellers who would like to rent a space and showcase the products. I guess you can say that we joined the souk and I was quite amazed with the turn of events. I've met different people while I sit on my own little corner with my cloth diaper display -- from curious individuals to skepticals to excited grandparents and moms who dropped by the booth and ask about cloth diapers.

A display of cloth diapers at the Souk

Cloth diaper packs too!

Me? A bazaarista? I guess you can say that now. One weekend in a month is not bad. Besides, I need a really good excuse to leave the house.

Shameless plugIf you're from Bacolod and you're looking for baby shower gifts or if you are completing your cloth diaper stash, do drop by the Souk. You can also click on the Pink n' Blue's logo at the right side of this page and it should direct you to my FB shop page. Spread the love.

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