Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bacolod Mom & Baby Club Mommy Meet-Up

One of the main goals of the Bacolod Mom & Baby Club is to create a support group for moms who need help or encouragement as they go through the challenging yet equally rewarding breastfeeding journey. In line with this, a monthly meet up is scheduled to meet with moms and discuss the different challenges and joys of breastfeeding. It is in this monthly meeting that essential topics are brought up such as what to expect in the first few days and debunking several breastfeeding myths.

The ladies behind the advocacy

Yesterday, how the supplemental nursing system is used was demonstrated by Doc Kat, a pedia and a breastfeeding advocate. A supplementary nursing system is especially helpful for moms who are in the process of bringing back the baby into the breast. It induces lactation and a good tool to use for moms with low milk supply or those who are trying to relactate.

The supplemental nursing system has two components -- a container and a tube leading from the container to the breast. The tube is attached to the breast with a tape so that when the baby suckles, the baby gets milk from both the mom and the milk from the tube. This then will stimulate the mom's breast therefore increasing the milk supply.

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