Friday, March 6, 2015

Planet Mom Discovery: Sandok Comfort Food

Trust my husband to find a new place where we can eat. He has been talking about this place for a week now and we finally got the chance to go there and eat.

Sandok Comfort Food is a restaurant located at Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping Center in Bacolod City. I must admit, I have passed by this street several times and yet I never noticed this place. I am so glad that my husband did because this is definitely one restaurant that you should come and visit. Where do I start?

First the place. We went there to have lunch and although the place is fairly new, we actually had to wait for a few minutes before we finally have our table. Yes, the place is packed! The interior is simple yet it feels homey.

After we were seated, we ordered KBL (kadios baboy langka), Calamares and Adobo Flakes. They gave us this "sandok" with our order number and the utensils are placed inside a mason jar. How cool is that?


I like how they used the mason jar for the utensils.

Kadios Baboy Langka


Adobo Flakes with Atchara

We didn't even have to wait that long. Their service was fast and they are very efficient. And the food? It was more than I expected. The KBL was served hot and even the soup alone was delicious. The Calamares was good although I didn't expect it to be dipped in vinegar. I expected that it will have a sauce of some sort so I ended up skipping the vinegar and still find it Ok. The adobo flakes, well it is nothing like Rodic's in Manila but I don't mind because it also tastes good.

Note to self: I am taking my parents next time to this place. 

Overall, the experience was very good. You will also be surprised with your bill too. With three viands, 5 cups of rice (There were 4 of us including my son), and the drinks, we only paid Php 583 (jaw drop). If this was Manila, we would have paid more than a thousand.

You may visit their Facebook Fanpage here.

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