Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fun in the Sun @ Spongebob's Yellow Party

My daughter is a big fan of Nickelodeon.  So you can imagine how she reacted when she found out about Spongebob's Yellow Party.  Not a day went by that she didn't remind me of the remaining days when we finally get to participate in that event. 

Fun in the Sun

The weather was sunny as expected.  We arrived 30 minutes before 3pm with our water bottles and our umbrellas in hand.  Having attended several Nickelodeon events, we know that waiting in line for quite sometime is something that we'll end up doing.  But it was all worth the wait. 

Sporting the Nickelodeon Sun Visor
Each kid gets a loot bag with a few Nickelodeon items upon entering.  My daughter, son and my nephew immediately put on their sun visors because of the heat.  It didn't stop them from having fun though.  My daughter immediately lined up to get her turn at the Inflatable Obstacle course.

Go Ate!!!!
Aside from the games on each of the Sponsor's booths, my daughter and her cousin got to participate in one of the games sponsored by Ace Water Spa.  They didn't win but they got another bag of free goodies.  My son on the other hand was preoccupied with the water gun. Best of all, there was SLIME. 

Great experience for the kids and great family bonding time.  Watch out for more Nickelodeon events in the future. 

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