Monday, May 21, 2012

Love to the Elderlies of Golden Acres

Last Saturday, a group of Moms who are members of the Smart Parenting online Forum, went to Golden Acres in Quezon City for an Outreach Activity.  The Outreach was headed by Yhamslove (Marycris Baldevia-de Guia) as part of the group's Mother's Day Celebration.  I was quite lucky to be part of the activity as we brought love, joy and a whole lot of pledges for the Lolos and the Lolas of Golden Acres. 

It was an afternoon full of games, laughter, music and entertainment.  It was great to see the smiles from the elderlies which made me think of my parents and how important it is for us kids to give back to those who raised and nurtured us as we grew up. 

Rocking the Dancefloor with the SP Moms

Hep Hep Horray!!!

Aside from the entertainment, we were able to collect several pledges from the members of the forum such as electric fans, clothes, adult diapers, food, toiletries, laundry and dishwashing detergents and assorted medicines for LBM, bed sores, hypertension and skin diseases. 

Thanks to those who donated.

To date, this is the 3rd Outreach activity that the group has organized.  The first one was at the PGH Cancer Institute last February 2011 and the other one was last July 2011 at Grace to Be Born.

Their smile are just priceless.

Thanks to everyone who gave their pledges and who participated to make this event a very successful one.  Until the next SP Moms Outreach Activity. 


  1. yay 1st outreach na wala ako. ang galing2, another success! Congrats! =)

    1. thanks sis. sa next outreach ulit. im sure masusundan pa to.

  2. puede din yearly visit sa GA ng mga SP-Moms. nice dancing and laughing with you sis Tyna :-)

  3. tama. pwede natin i-propose sa group. same with sa Grace to be Born or sa PGH. Gawa na ng bagong thread!!!

  4. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing this, Tyna!


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