Monday, May 28, 2012

Product Review: Avent Via Breastmilk Storage Kit

One of the things that I consider as a "must-have" for working nursing moms like me is a set breastmilk storage containers.  Avent Via Breastmilk Storage Kit is everything that I wanted.  A box contains 10 pcs of cups and lids that are pre-sterilized and two adaptors that I can use so I can pump my milk directly into the container.  What I love about it is that it is compatible with my pump and it is reusable.  Just make sure that you check the cup for any signs of wear and tear before reusing it.  Otherwise, you may need to dispose it.

This is great if you have a big refrigerator because you can stack the container on top of the other.  The cup is versatile too.  When my son started eating solids, we used this as a container for all his puree'd fruits and vegetables.  Now that he is 23 months old, what I do is just take out one via cup full of expressed milk, twist the lid open and he'd drink from it just like he'd drink from a regular cup.  We also use this to pack his snacks (and mine) such as mini oatmeal cookies and a handful of cereals.  So far, my milk nor his snacks and pureed vegetables has leaked out from the via cup container.

I also use it to pack my snacks at work. These are Mommy Treats Lactation Cookies.

It would have been better if the labels at the side of the container are more bold and clearer.  Once you put your breastmilk or any puree'd food inside, sometimes, you can hardly make out the number of ounces at the side of the container.  But aside from that, this product is highly recommend because of its versatility.  This has been on of my breastfriends for more than one year. 

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  1. I actually used these only when I had to pump on the go. I used the Isis kase. When I'd get home, I'd transfer the milk into smaller, slimmer bottles for freezing.

    1. I use the Spectra bags naman for freezing. we have a small ref so it takes a little too much space. but it shouldnt be a problem if you have a big ref. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I also loves using Avent VIA containers. Just like yours, I use them for my baby's puree after he started solid. Your idea as a snack container is great!


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