Thursday, May 17, 2012

False Positive?

It was two years ago when my husband and I decided to have baby #2.  We were quite ecstatic when my period got delayed for at least two weeks and you can imagine our delight when the pregnancy test said "POSITIVE."  At that time I was having brown discharges and so I was advised by the doctor to be on bed rest as this could be a threatened abortion.  We were worried and so I did what I was told.  However that worry turned into fear when I started having bloody red discharges the next day.  Horrified, we rushed into the hospital where an ultrasound was performed and then the news -- I was never pregnant.  What I had was a false pregnancy. 

How the tests were conducted was conducted could affect the results of any pregnancy tests; and there are ways that you could avoid it. 

Check the Pregnancy Test Kit.  Just like over the counter medicines, these tests have expiration dates and you need to be in the look out for that.  Otherwise, the accuracy of the results will be compromised. 

READ the Instructions.  This is very basic but make sure that the instructions are followed to a T.  When it tells you to check the results after three minutes then do check back after three minutes.  Use an alarm clock if needed.  If you're not sure about what you see, I say go back and take another test instead of waiting for another 5 minutes.  

Go get yourself checked by the doctor.  There are medical conditions that could cause hormonal imbalance and therefore an inaccurate test result.  In my case I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that same day.  But then that's another story. 

What about you? Got any TTC stories?


  1. I feel like it's been ages since that first pregnancy test! I never experienced a false pregnancy, but this information is good. Thanks for posting it! Thanks, too, for sharing your thoughts on my blog post. :)

    1. Thank you Martine. It was weird in my case because I had a false positive and then a few months after I had a false negative. Glad to share it with everyone who reads my post :)


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