Sunday, June 17, 2012

7 Things I Hate About You

I hate that you sleep most of the time because you stayed up late to work on our daughter's project or lull our son to sleep.

I hate that the house is messy when I get home because you had to run after our son to make sure he doesn't fall off the sofa and he doesn't climb up the stairs.  

I hate that in the weekends you sleep late to watch the replays of shows like Storage Wars or Kings of Restoration because in the day, the TV is either tuned in to Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel or Baby TV. 

I hate that at times you get mad at things such as me forgetting the last time our son or daughter had fever or when our kids got bitten by the cat (on two different ocassions).   I know that you're just concerned about them, you just get frustrated when things are out of your control. 

I hate it when you don't care sometimes.  You don't care that the clothes are on the floor or if we haven't done the laundry.  You'd rather see me relax and rest after an overnight shift.  

I hate that you don't give me flowers and chocolates but surprise me with a good meal or an empty laundry basket.

I hate it at times that I have to leave home to work but that means that you want me to live my dream while you take care of the kids.  

You may not believe it but the things that I hate are the same things that I love about you. 

What we have is not perfect but we somehow make things work.  
To the man of my life, my partner, I LOVE YOU.  
From your kids and I, 



  1. Suhweeet! Love this! Well done! Hope your man cried 'coz I got teary eyed with this. :)
    *please follow me on twitter*

    1. thank you. it pays to appreciate what you have. :) im sure he's read this.


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