Thursday, June 7, 2012

My SansFlou Baby

Our first encounter with the product was during the Mommy Diaries last year.  We immediately fell in love with their Tooth and Gum wipes.  Cleaning my son's teeth was such a breeze.  When my son was one and a half years old and is taking interest with his Ate and me brushing his teeth, we thought what better way to introduce oral hygiene than getting him his own toothbrush and toothpaste.

My son's toothbrush, toothpaste and his Xylitol Swab. Isn't the toothbrush adorable?
Getting him to brush his teeth never became a problem.  He'd even say "boobrush Andre;" to remind me that it is time to brush his teeth. 

Brushing his teeth before bedtime. 
After he brushes his teeth, we also apply SansFlou Xylitol swab to prevent formation of plaque.   

My Mommy Friend together with SansFlou is currently holding a giveaway that will allow you to win a SansFlou gift pack.  All you need to do is visit Moomy Musings here and to know more about the products, you can visit the Oral Health Care for Babies' Facebook Fan Page

Good luck mommies!!!


  1. Thanks for the link, Mommy K! :) I'm happy to read your sanslfluo story! :)

  2. Posted link in this post is a great idea of introduction.Thanks for providing this useful link.


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