Friday, June 22, 2012

The Day My Life Changed....Forever

I can still recall how it was like giving birth to my daughter like it was yesterday.  We were completely unprepared and clueless of what's going to happen and what it would be like. 

June 19 - I asked permission from my boss then if I could start my maternity leave.  I was uneasy at work and my pelvic area is hurting.  I couldn't find one comfortable position be it sitting down or standing up. 

June 20 - I spent the day sleeping and preparing my daughter's clothes.  Hubby and I washed all of them and leave them out to dry.  Then we spent the day at home doing nothing but watching videos and listening to Bob Marley's songs. 

June 21 - All the clothes are dry and I spent the entire afternoon ironing them.  Then I slept.  I woke up with the urge to go the bathroom and to the bathroom I went.  I noticed though that it seems like I was still peeing.  It turned out, my water bag was leaking!  Hubby and I rushed to the hospital. 

Off to the labor room I went and they confirmed that my water bag has broken.  I could still remember how the other pregnant woman in the labor room was writhing in pain while I was on the bed completely BORED.  All those times I was thinking I should have brought a book or a magazine.  And maybe they could play some music in the labor room?!  Then my thoughts went to the movies that I've watched where the actress is due to give birth.  Will I be cursing my husband too? Will I be shouting like crazy? Then I was sedated. 

I can only remember bits and pieces of it.  I remember my OB telling me my labor is not progressing and I need to give birth via CS.  I told her "No;" then I slept.  
I remember seeing the lights in the delivery room then I got knocked out by the medicines.
I remember being semi conscious and felt a pain in my abdomen.  I thought "This is it.  I am going to give birth now." Then I heard the nurse tell me I have given birth to a healthy baby girl.  Then I was off to sleep again. 


Baby, you were born at 37 weeks and 6 days.  I remember seeing you for the first time and thinking that you were so tiny and fragile.  You were only 18 inches long, weighing 5 lbs and 9 oz.  I was so scared to hold you -- scared that I might hurt you or break you into pieces.  The day you were born is the day that my life -- our lives -- changed forever.  When I looked at you, I knew that my life is no longer mine but will be spent taking care of you and loving you forever. 

Today you are 10 and I can't believe how much you've grown.  You will always be my baby girl.  Know that Tatay and I love you unconditionally. 

Happy Birthday.


  1. Oh! Giving birth experience will always be in mind. It's been seven years since I give birth to the little one and the experience is still fresh in my mind...

  2. That is so true. It's just like clicking a button from your head and there it is.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I cannot forget my giving birth experiences too. Maybe because we have experienced the divination and goodness of God in us when we gave birth that is why it is one of the best experience we could ever have.

    1. Indeed the best experience any mom goes through.

      Thanks for dropping by zoan.

  4. indeed these important happenings in our lives will not be forgotten. Giving birth is just one of those that makes your life worth living.


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