Sunday, June 3, 2012

Toddler's Nook and Nursing Station at the Iloilo City Airport

My family and I arrived around 4 hours early for our flight from Iloilo to Manila a couple of months ago so we had the kids run around the airport.  Both of us (hubby and I) got too exhausted especially from running after our energizer bunny - my son. 

When we got to the 2nd floor of the airport, we discovered that the airport has a Toddler's Nook and Nursing Mother's Station.  I got really excited because now I can let my son loose in one room not having to worry so much and I got another nursing station that I can experience and write about. 

Play area for the kids

Upon entering the room you see the large floor area covered with a rubber mat where the kids can play with the toys found on the shelves.  If you want to have a quiet story time with your kids, there are a lot of books that you can choose from.

Books on the shelves

Toddler toys that your kids can play with

Comfortable Chairs at the Nursing Room

If you want to enjoy a quiet time with your babies, there is another room where you can nurse them privately.  Personally I'd rather nurse my son in the nursing station only because the toys and the books in the play area might distract him.  

The Toddler's Nook is part of the CAAP Iloilo GAD Project.  So if you happen to be at the Iloilo City Airport and you have a toddler like mine, come and visit the area.  


  1. Yes it's free. All airports should have this no? There will be less cranky toddlers at the airport.

    1. yeah! super agree... sana they'll have this in Manila too! :-)


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