Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No More Yue Yues

I was deeply disturbed by with the video that I saw on TV yesterday.  So disturbed that I had difficulty focusing on my tasks at hand when I reported to work.  Even until now I just couldnt get over it.

Yue yue, a 2 year-old was walking along the alley when she was hit by a van.  The driver of the van didnt even stop to check before driving off.

What was heartbreaking is that, a total of 18 people walked by the scene and none of them approached the toddler nor asked for help.  To make matters worse, another driver ran over the poor toddler's body and fleed the scene as well.  It took one old homeless woman to notice Yue Yue and called out for help.  It was then that the child was rushed to the hospital Sadly it was too much for her young body to bear.  She is in a critical condition and was declared completely brain dead.

I don't understand why none of the passersby attempted to help the toddler -- one of them was even a mother with a child in tow.  I don’t understand how they pretended to be blind.    I don’t understand how they could just walk by as if it was just another cat who got ran over by the vehicle. Have we as humans become insensitive?  I've heard and read about several hit and runs but this has affected me in so many levels.  Probably because I myself have a 15 month old toddler.

When you sleep tonight, think of Yue Yue and say a short prayer.  To all parents out there, never let your kids out of sight.  Keep them close all the time. 

I am not posting any pictures nor any videos in this blog.  It was too much for one mother's heart to watch over and over again. 

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