Saturday, November 12, 2011

LJS Annual Bodega Sale

My husband and I went to the Bodega sale never really expecting what to find.  Going there was a bit of a challenge.  Coming from my office in Makati, it took us almost an hour (including the traffic); and to think that we took a cab.  I'm not really that good with directions so I trust my husband with that.

You'll know you're near the place if you saw Lourdes Hospital and they put up a lot of signs. Yup, even the pedicab has one. 

The way I see it, everything is a STEAL.  Avent feeding items are 20% off.  Some of the bottles are now at 50% off.  There are a lot of Sunnex pots and pans sold at 50% off.  I was too distracted with the Sale to take note of everything.  And the staff are so accommodating too. 

We stayed there for about an hour.  We were able to buy a 30-cm Sunnex non stick frying pan for 575php from 1149php and a Chef's Classic 18-cm pot for 200php from the original price of 400php.  We also bought a few more things like a knife and a couple of cleaning items and got a free eco bag.  

Sale is still up until tomorrow.  They are open from 9am to 2pm.  To see the map, visit Avent, Sunnex or Aprica FB fanpage.

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