Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Thankful for.............

Thanksgiving is a holiday in the United States celebrated every 4th Thursday of November.  When the Europeans first arrived in the US, they brought with them their tradition in celebrating safe voyage and good harvest.

In spirit of the holiday, I've listed a few of the many things and people that I am thankful for this year

My husband
   who is doing such a great job in making sure that he takes care of things that I couldn't (a.k.a. my daughter's projects, PTA meetings, assignments, research, etc.);
   who has been very supportive with my career 

My daughter
   who has been very loving and caring for her younger brother;
   who has kept her grades up even if I hardly have the time to tutor her;
   who is very understanding and ulitmately the best daughter ever!

My son
   who despite the fact that he has been diagnosed with asthma hasn't had any attacks (knock on wood) for the past 8 months;
   who grew to be a smart and very loving little boy

My Parents
   who continue to spoil and love my kids;
   who constantly challenge me since I was a kid.  I wouldnt be who I am now.

My In-laws
    for giving my kids the love and attention in the absence of my parents who live in the province and for the support too.

Yaya Beth 
   Finally!! A nanny I could trust and who love my kids as much as I do. 

Finally, a few more people to thank for
   The people and the friends that I have created in the online community;
   My breastfriends in making sure that I am successful in my breastfeeding journey.  Yes, I have met my goal which is to make it for one year and now I'm raising the bar at 2 years minimum.
   My job, colleagues and my boss.  I have the best team and the best mentor and my job pays for our expenses at home.  Enough said.

The list could be endless if you think about it.  

What about you?  What are you thankful for?

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