Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughful Conversations

My daughter and I recently had this conversation:
Daughter: "Mama, I feel sad."
Me: "Sad? Why?"
Daughter: "Because your attention is always with Andre and I miss you."
It broke my heart especially when I saw tears welling in her eyes.  I may have
been too busy to notice.
I shared this with my husband and think of ways how we can equally divide
our time with our siblings.  So we came up with Alyssa day and Andre day. 
On Alyssa day, she can spend the entire day with us doing whatever she
wants.  It can be as simple as just going out and having ice cream and talk
talk talk. 
I was heartbroken when she said that but a part of me is glad. 
I'm glad that I was able to develop a relationship with her where she feels
that she can open up to me; that what she feels and what she thinks matter.
I'm glad to see how much she has grown.  That instead of throwing tantrums
to show her sadness and lack of attention, she actually talks about how she
I'm glad that she gave me the chance to see that there are things that needs
to change in our family.
I told her that I don't love her any less and that I miss her too.  I said I'm
sorry if I didn't notice how much attention I've given Andre.  I explained that
I'm still nursing her baby brother that's why he's always with me.  Then I
thanked her for letting me know how she feels and how much I've
appreciated that.
Seeing how my daughter reacted made me think, I must have done something

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