Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pigeon's MagMag: A Product Review

My husband's cousin first influenced me to buy the Pigeon Magmag.  To her point, it is a cup that "grows" with your baby.  It seemed to me like a great idea at that time because you can change the top depending on the age of your child.

We bought the set at the SM Baby Company for Php 699.75.  It comes with a 180ml cup, a handle and 3 different tops: the nipple top, spout top and the straw top.  The cup is easy to grasp, non slippery and it claimed to be spill proof. 

The nipple top is designed for newborns, which is perfect for me.  A tip: if you're breastfeeding your baby, you'd want to stick to a slow flow nipple. 

When my son was around 6 months old, we switched to the Spout top.  He found the spout too soft and refused to take it.  All he did really was bit on it but never really drank from the spout.  He'd rather drink from a regular cup.

So we had him try the Straw top at that age.  Surprisingly, he drank using the straw top like a pro!  There were days though that he'd suck on the water really strong that he'd end up coughing.

What's great about the MagMag is that it is BPA free (all pigeon products now are) and my son can easily grip the handles.  The flip cover of the straw spout is easy to open.  My son can easily do that without any help.

We used the magmag pretty much everywhere we go.  Lately though, we had to bring a zip lock bag so that the water would not spill inside the diaper bag.  We've been using the straw top for several months now which made me think that maybe it is time to replace the straw.  It would be great if a recommendation on how often the straws need to be replaced is written on the box.

So far, I didnt see any MagMag set that came with a different color.  The cup and the tops are colored orange and I'm not really a big fan of that color.  Cleaning the straw top is a bit of a challenge too.   I suggest that you also buy the MagMag Straw brush which is sold separately.  The brush is made of stainless wire with nylon bristle and only costs around Php 150.   The cup can only hold 180ml of water so for a toddler (like mine) who drinks a lot, that may not be enough.

To summarize:
Pros - BPA Free, easy to grip, easy to open, multiple tops, reasonable price
Cons - leaks, spout is a little too soft, straw is difficult to clean, no other colors available, small cup

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