Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Party @ AVENTopia

My family was one of the lucky group who scored an invite to the Exclusive Avent Christmas Party last November 19.  Although I know that I'd be coming from my graveyard shift, I went ahead and confirmed my attendance. 

Getting There

The Avent staff was kind enough to provide transportation going to the LJS building from SM centerpoint.  So we went there at exactly 2:30.  You should see the panic on my face when I couldn't see any Avent Van or Avent staff wearing a green shirt.  I thought they left.  So I started calling the contact numbers I had on my phone (Sorry for the hassle Avent.  That was me, sleep deprived and panicking).

Traffic was really bad but when we arrived at the LJS Building, the staff greeting us with smiles on their faces which made us feel less tired.


Contrary to the other parties, the games were played after everyone has had their turn at the buffet table.  The food was great.  For the kids, they have spaghetti and hotdogs.  For the young at heart, they have rice, beef with mushroom, fish fillet and yes, LECHON.  Then there's the dessert table that my son and my daughter enjoyed.  They have a chocolate fountain where you can dip the pretzels, the marshmallows and the sliced apples and grapes.  I couldnt help but allow my son to have a taste of this chocolatey treat.

Baby Brent, the boy with the Best in Costume

What I loved about it is how they make sure everyone participated in the games.  I may be sleep deprived but the kid in me couldnt wait to have my turn.  A total of 5 games were played.  The staff did a great job in incorporating their products in the party games such as the "Interchange me" game highlighting the interchangeability of the Avent products and the Avent Pinoy Henyo.  The highlight of the party was when the Baby with the Best Costume was announced.  Baby Brent won hands down with his soldier costume.

It's a party for the mommies, daddies and the babies too!!

Prizes/Loot bag

Avent has been very generous with their prizes ranging from the Sunnex Flask, Avent Insulated cups, to the Feeding sets, Aranaz bag to the mini blender.  And everyone pretty much went home a winner because everyone took home a loot bag with all the Avent/Sunnex/Aprica goodies.

Everyone had a blast.  It was great to have met those mommies that we have bonded with in the online community. 

"Thank you Avent for being instrumental in the newfound friendships that started with our love for your products.  We're all honored to be part of the Avent community!"

photos by Grace Rey

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