Saturday, November 10, 2012

Early Christmas Shopping at the Baby Carnival

I am trying to finish my Christmas shopping early that's why when I was invited by Jade Dolor Munoz to the Baby Carnival at the Parkside of the Filipinas Heritage Library, I happily obliged.  I know I'd find great deals there and I know my kids will enjoy the activities.

It was unfortunate that my son and daughter fell asleep late in the afternoon and thanks to my midshift, we arrived at the place really late.  Too late that we probably have missed the flurry of events earlier that day.  (Boo me!)

Booths with individual tents.

Play Area for the kids which I'm sure my son would enjoy had he been there.

Yummy Cupcakes
Still me and dear hubby went and check out the different booths.  Despite arriving there late, we still manage to bring home stuff for the kids and meet a couple of online sellers.  My husband was so fascinated by the shirts by Bug & Kelly that we had to buy a couple for my son and daughter.  He's took a trip to memory lane when he saw the prints. LOL.  I was also glad to have met Mommy Melai who, like me is a Cloth diapering mommy (although we still use disposables when we leave home and she, at night).  I bought an Alva and Babyland diaper from her (Fashionbaby) to add to my CD stash.   And who could resist the cupcakes by Ciocolato.  The cupcakes were practically smiling at me that we had to take it home.   

CDs from Fashion baby and Shirt by Bug & Kelly
Believe me, I already made a mental note to myself to arrive a little early next time. 

Thanks Jade. 'Till the next event!

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