Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012: The Christmas Bazaar for Chic Shopping Mamas

Don't miss Mommy Mundo's last BIG Event of the YEAR!

The MOMMY MUNDO BAZAAR features 80+ booths of the latest mom and baby products, gift items for the whole family, fun activities and so much more.  Believe it because I have been attending Mommy Mundo Expos and Bazaars for the past years.

Get your stash of maternity and nursing wear, baby wearing products, baby slings and accessories, diapers, baby and kids clothes and shoes, toys and books, and many more great finds!

An entrance fee of 30 pesos per person will be charge but all of them will go to the Christmas Outreach project of MomShare!  It's like shopping for a cause.

Aside from the 80+ booths to shop from, Mommy Mundo has prepared a lot more for you:

  • Credit Card terminal for your credit purchase
  • Mommy Mundo shopping bags
  • Free drinking water from Crystal Clear
  • Kids play area by Fun Ranch (inflatable play area and game booths)
  • Face painting for kids by Partezeit
  • Free Family Photo
  • Breastfeeding lounge and diaper changing area
  • Free issues of Mommy Mundo freezines (Urban Mom and Mommy Pages)
  • Free issues of Working Mom Magazines, Sense & Style Magazine* and more surprises from our sponsors (*while supplies last)

The 2013 Edition of the Mom 24/7 Planner will also be launched at the Mommy Bazaar.

*All Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport holders get free entrance to the event and also get their complimentary copy of the Mom 24/7 Planner.  Still don't have your Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport? Apply now until November 15 and get this special privilege!

The Mommy Mundo Bazaar is co-presented by Shop Mommy Matters, PACE, PLDT KaAsenso and Anmum.  With support from Cradle, Lactacyd Baby Bath, Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradle, Crystal Clear, Fun Ranch, Hydrite and media partners Working Mom Magazine, Smartparenting Magazine, Manila Bulletin, Style Weekend, Baby On Board, Lifestyle Network, Crossover 105.1, and Urban Mom.

To get updates on the event, please see the Mommy Mundo Bazaar event page on Facebook.

List of Partners and Vendors:


  • PLDT KaAsenso
  • Anmum
  • Cycles & Cradle
  • Tiny Buds
  • Citibank

  • Shop Mommy Matters
  • Eco Baby Boutique
  • Paquet de Joei
  • Mama Baby Love
  • Nursing Mom
  • Mom Baby Fabric
  • Dizzy Dress
  • Tip Tap Soles
  • Bug & Kelly
  • Manila Baby Shop
  • Omma Organics
  • Celestina & Co.
  • Ambishoes
  • Therapy Bags
  • Mommy Treats
  • Baby Leaf
  • Chabby
  • M'Shoppe
  • Cast & Frame
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • The Little Darla Couture
  • The Little Red Shoe
  • Lactacyd Baby Bath
  • Buggy & Lishy
  • Mama L'oca & Cozach
  • Wonderworld Toys
  • Mighty Mind
  • Cluebebe
  • Proud Mama Store
  • Peapod
  • Lassig
  • Tot Couture
  • My Baby Dragon
  • Healthy innovation
  • The Stork Studio
  • Tomatoberry
  • Medela Moms
  • Tiny Tots
  • Bambino
  • Snuza
  • Fiddle Tops
  • Mustela
  • Hatch & Latch
  • Tyler Marketing
  • Chubby Cheeks
  • Souq International
  • Sir Carl Antoine Collection
  • Simple Bundle of Joy
  • Momtrepreneur Shop
  • Kiddie Tunes
  • Fancy Ava
  • TCL Worldwide
  • Baby Shower
  • Bulilit Bookstore
  • Spinkie
  • Natural Origins
  • Baby Mama Inc.
  • Green 360
  • Silly Monkey Clothing
  • St. Patrick
  • Mama & Me
  • R-Trevi
  • Googoo & Gaga
  • Enchanted Kingdom
  • Pink Lemon
  • Indigo Baby

  • Katrina's Kitchen
  • King Sue
  • Takoyaki
  • Tender Juicy Sandwiches

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