Friday, November 30, 2012

A Day of Firsts + Giveaway

First times are always memorable – first kiss, first love, first time to travel alone, first baby, first paycheck, first pregnancy – I could probably go on forever. Believe me, I can still recall every single detail of it.

Today marks another first. It is the first Day of December and guess what? It’s my FIRST GIVEAWAY! 

Now many of you have read about our first AMO Christmas Party and how lucky we are to have the kind of support that we received from our AMO families and companies. So today I am sharing them with you.

There are two rafflecopters below. If you are an AMO member but failed to attend the Party, the first rafflecopter is for you. (Photo Courtesy of Moomy Musings)

AMO Loot 1 with Avent Sportster Cup
AMO Loot 2 with Dainty Ashley GC
Distant AMOs, Join here - a Rafflecopter giveaway

To the Distant AMOs who are joining the giveaway, please note that this is simultaneous to Moomy Musing's giveaway.  By joining, you are increasing your chance of winning the Loot.

For my dear readers, how can I forget about you? I got something for your too! You can win the Drypers loot, Sansflou toothpaste, a couple of issues of Smart Parenting and Real Living Magazine, Ygo's organic's apple cinnamon and Goody Gulp Drink.  All you got to do is follow the instructions on the Second Rafflecopter.

AMO Loot 3
Planet Mom Readers, Join here - a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone! Like I said, this is just a first. Stay tuned because there’s still more. After all, this is the gift giving month!

NOTE:  This is open to Philippine Residence only. 


  1. nice, plenty of giveaways i see around the blogosphere...lapit na talaga xmas

  2. I have been thinking of starting my own blog. Maybe you (A.M.O.'s) can teach us or relate how you started your own blogs, to inspire soon-to-be-newbies like me. I am more interested in learning the problems I will encounter along the way so I can prepare for them when I start my own.

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

    1. thanks for joining Mommy Theresa. One very important tip - write about the things you like. Ideas just keep flowing if you write from the heart.

      Good Luck!

  3. Cool loots! :) Good luck to the joiners! ;)

  4. maybe some charitable activities..
    rhodora dacanay

  5. joining..
    January Ferrera

  6. I love your blog giveaway! I am joining as well. :)
    I love that we are in one blogging community through CommEx. We get to share our posts and join blogging contests in the process.

    Rose Cavello

  7. You are very generous. Your loot consists of interesting items. Good luck to the lucky winner!

  8. Joining...

    More mother and child activities and hope I can join also.

    More power to you.

  9. What kind of activities do you want to see us organize?

    I want to see more update on cooking. I want to practice to cook since I don't want to get married withouy learning how to cook kare-kare.. haha

    name: theresa montino

  10. i am a distant AMO, joined the giveaway
    name: max

  11. yehey! I won I won! thanks so much Mommy Tyna. :)


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