Thursday, November 29, 2012

AMO's Winter Wonderland Party

Our Mommy group just turned ONE last Saturday.  Sure we've had mini play dates before, a few mommy meetups and a lot of first birthdays attended but this is the first time that the entire group got together to celebrate one year of friendship.

Avenue for Mommies Online (AMO) started as a small group of mommies supporting each other in our journey through motherhood.  The only thing that changed is our size.  From a measly group of at least 20 members, we grew into a community of 70 mommies all over the Philippines.  We are a group of working moms, army wives, stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms, full time moms and bloggers.  So it is very exciting (and challenging) to bring everyone together.

The party that started with a brainstorming, a lot of support, a whole lotta love and a combination of all mommy powers materialized into one great event - the AMO Winter Wonderland Party.

Party Tarp courtesy of Mommy Ron.
See those snowflakes? Lovingly made by artists Mommy Mona, Mommy Desiree and Mommy Edel.
Registration Ladies - Mommies Sherrybe and Mommy Mae. 

Aside from the beautiful snowflakes suspended from the ceiling, one could not help but notice the Mommy Loots and the Raffle Prizes from our AMO moms and beloved Sponsors.

More Loots
Gorgeous and Yummy cake by Mommy Grace

Of course, no party would be exciting without the games. There were games prepared for the Mommies, Daddies and the Kids.

I-Shoot Mo baby!
The Kids playing Rabbit, Wall, Gun.
See the Sexy Party Host? That's Mommy Lolly.
Mommies...arrange yourselves according to....
Everyone went home with loots and prizes from the games and the raffle.  Our mommy group has been blessed with so many generous sponsors.

Proud Winners of Aprica Colan worth Php 7,000 - Mommy Liv and Mommy Angel
 with Ms. Rechelle, the Aprica, Avent and Good Representative
Winners of Smart Steps and Bite Block Goodies (with Hope, Smart Steps Brand Assisant)
Winners of Drypers loot

This party would not have been possible if not for the organizers who spend time in planning the activity.  And to our generous sponsors:

Philips Avent Philippines, Aprica Philippines, Goody Philippines, Smart Steps, Bite Block, Tiny Buds, Drypers, Chicco Philippines, Mustela Philippines, Goody Gulp, Sansflou, Unilab, Moms and Kids, Humming Bread, Bug & Kelly, Nutri-Del, Bulinggit Corner, Pumpkeen, The Fawn Shoppe, Cast and Craft Philippines, Dainty Ashley, Smart Parenting Magazine, Tip Tap Soft Soles, Mary Pauline Salon, Ygo's Organic and Moomy Musings.

A Big THANK YOU for your trust and your blessings.  We will continue to support your activities and your products because we believe in them. 

Slippers, slippers and more slippers for the children of Negros.

To my AMO family, Thank you for your gift of friendship.  We have a lot to look forward to in the future.  A lot of plans and more activities.  But for now, we will be sending off more than 30 dozen slippers to the Children of Negros.  After all, this is what the party is all about -- sharing.

Happy AMO moms and kids (thank you AMO daddies for taking our picture)


  1. That's the true meaning of Christmas... giving and sharing of blessings. The children will surely be happy.

    1. This was the second batch of slippers that we donated.

  2. Aww. This seems so much fun. And the cake was so cute. :)

    1. it was fun and naaliw din ako sa cake. i wish i could do that too. hehe

  3. Cheers to all of us mommy K, super nakakapagod ang preparation but its all worth it.

  4. This sure looks like a whole lot of fun. I've already expressed my desire to join this group to Mommy Glai. Hopefully you will approve my request. I wanna need more mommy friends. Most of my friends are still single and I have only a few to exchange mommmy stories with.

  5. Wow this is such a great party ang dami prizes! :)

  6. It's a family event pala, I thought strictly for Mommies lang. :P Kudos to AMO and your good cause.

  7. This is a great community and everyone seems had fun. May I know how can I join in this community?

    1. hi mylene. we're still finalizing everything before we accept more members. we'll let you know soon. :)

  8. Hi Tyna! Please let me know when AMO is open for new members. I'd like to meet other Moms too! I'm the first in our 'barkada' to have a kid so yeah, I no one to talk to about parenting and motherhood! Thanks! :-)


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