Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mommy Treats Chocolate Lactation Spoon

I first knew about Mommy Treats exactly two years ago when I was struggling with my milk supply.  I’m not exactly a person who likes soup all the time so I ended up popping pills – malunggay pills.  Then I got introduced to this yummy treats with galactagogues (like fenugreek, brewers yeast and oat)  as ingredients and I got hooked ever since.

Now, another yummy treat was created and launched by yummy mommy Paola Loot, the beauty and brains behind Mommy Treats.  It is called the Chocolate Lactation Spoon.  The treat is a small block of chocolate that is stuck to a wooden spoon.  Just like the rest of the treats, it contains galactagogues that helps lactating moms in increasing their milk supply.  It comes in three variants – plain chocolate, chocolate with marshmallows and peppermint chocolate.  When I heard peppermint chocolate, I didn't waste any time.  I immediately placed my order.  

I didn't have to worry about how effective it is because I have ordered Lactation Brownies in the past.  Aside from it being yummy, it is very effective,  In my world where I have to attend several business reviews and having to work at night, I just made sure that I have my Mommy Treats with me so my milk supply will not dip.  My milk looks creamier too when I ate the Brownies.

They're here! Lactation Brownies and Chocolate spoons individually wrapped. And a letter from Paola.

Don't you just love the little hearts? I do! 

What I like about mommy treats is that it is wrapped based on the recommended daily serving.  Each chocolate spoon too is individually wrapped.  I also noticed that the peppermint chocolate have little hearts on top which is just lovely.  I unwrapped my first treat and started nibbling.  On my first bite, I can already taste the mint which is heavenly.  (Can you tell that I love mint on my chocolates?)  I kept telling myself that I should leave some to disolve in the water because this was meant to be drank not eaten but I couldn’t resist.  I ended up eating half and disolving half in hot water.  The chocolate drink was great but I enjoyed it better when I’m nibbling it. 

Get your treats now at Mommy Treats.  Visit their website or like them on Facebook.


  1. It's great that there are products like this out there to help lactating mommies. And it's a plus that they are yummy treats too. :)

  2. Hi Mommy, I’d like to invite you to this FB group for Mommies. We’d really love to have you with us :-)


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